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Important Policies

Your Financial Privacy Rights Notice

At are very much concerned about security of our customers. We respect their privacy and take care about all the personal information in due way.

We notify our customers that we collect the following type of not public information:

  • Information from application forms;
  • Transactions and other similar information;
  • Consumer-reporting agency-provided information.

We do not disclose any personal customer information in any cases apart from those that are not permitted by law or not required by it. Any personal information that is not covered by this cases is not subject for sharing with any third parties or else. We also do not allow and we do restrict the information to our customers' employees.

We take care about all the processes be it transactions or form signing or else. We take all the safety and security issues seriously and do our best to safeguard your information.

Other Privacy Policy Issues

Opting-in means that you give your consent to our access to your information. This refers to ads and services as well as some other data we might request. In case of any SMS or similar correspondence, all the standard messaging rates apply.

SMS information can be rejected - you can opt-out by sending the following text to us: "STOP", "QUIT" or "END". In case you send it back to the message you receive from us, your subscription will be terminated and your number will be removed from our database.

All the data that we obtain via the correspondence with you is closely related with the SMS service. It can include your cell phone name as well as data about your messages and similar information. We are not held liable for any SMS delays or similar situations with regards to SMS.